Ślub w plenerze – English

If you dream of a ceremony against the backdrop of a natural and well-kept green landscape – then “Nasz Dworek” will be a hit!

An outdoor wedding is the dream of many couples – it makes the wedding ceremony magical, special – the couple can feel like they are in a romantic movie,

In “Nasz Dworek” we offer to organise an outdoor wedding and we guarantee that it will be an experience that the bride and groom will never forget!

Outdoor wedding offer

Experienced wedding consultants will take care of every small detail to make this day forever memorable for the bride and groom and invited guests.

The offer includes:

  • Hire of the green area
  • Chairs with covers
  • Elegant red carpet
  • Presidential table
  • National emblem on a frame
  • Hire of a white gazebo

The Account Number: 26 8882 1032 2001 0028 8860 0001

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